Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Andy Ellingsen

Thank you for taking time to read this email.On 3/16/2009, I was shocked to see a website advertising Andrew Ellingsen sick sexual behavior with another man at Whole Foods Market in Fort Collins Colorado. This website is also informing people about a woman that's pregnant with Andrew Ellingsen's child and getting no help what so ever from Bonnie or Andrew Elingsen. Andrew mistreating her, they're also stating this on a Whole Foods Market site,This store had a manager with the name ANDREW J ELLINGSEN aka Andy "STL career development" Sexual Harrasing several TM not only in the Fort Colins Store but also the ones he worked before, he did this for years. This women came forward and told management about this, STL Casey did nothing, he hide this from HR. This sick man sexualy abused and harrased several TM (women and men) and got away with it, he did this for 5 years with his lover Brandon, this man is also married from Spearfish SD. This is the company that you support and love, I feel sorry for this people, this should never had happen, no respect. This is becoming money and business. They don't care about you as a TM or as a customer. It is really sad because this company was one of the best, great products and people. What's going on? I'm leaving the company soon. I'm getting marry, I can assure you I will not buy my wedding cake at WFM.This site is shamefully displaying this information where young children are exposed to its pornographic message and pictures of Mr.Andrew Ellingsen preforming intercouse with another man. I would try not to judge Mrs. Bonnie Ellingsen but my question is, How can we believe her, that she does care about this parents and children when she doesn't care about her new and coming grandchild?, are you guys lying to people for money?, your grandchild's mother Andrew's lover, was put in jail by Andrew till the police find the truth about your son and let her go, what I'm trying to say is how can you Bonnie Ellingsen sleep at night knowing this. This is very shameful to this community.I am disappointed to learn that your company/org promote this behaviour, it is very disturbing. I am sure you guys will do what is right. Hope you don't endorse your son behaviour and disrespect for our community, our families, and our children.I respectfully request that Memory box consider no longer doing false advertizing of carrying about our families, people and community, and take care of her coming grandchild. Bonnie, all I can say is that if your son Andrew Ellingsen doesn't care about your grandchild, God doesn't promote this behaviours, try to help your son he is not in his right mind, I would give you the name of this website but is very offensive and disturbing for you to view. Someday it may get in your mail. The way things are, it will be all over the internet.Hope that God forgive you people for doing this but I know he will not.

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  1. Shannon I feel sorry for you. You are a very stupid.